S.A. – incorporated in Panama, with operations out of Costa Rica – (www.riverflop.com) has announced a limited time open-beta availability of its next generation poker software offering all of the standard games – including Texas 8g88, Omaha Hi/Lo – with some unique promotions and software options.

‘We are excited to offer the community yet another option to have sophisticated and exciting game play in a safe and secured environment’, comments the marketing lead of RiverFlop.com.

The Riverflop.com poker room offers a very unique feature in addition to exciting limit and no limit games.  ‘With this feature we expect players to be able to bring in more of  their friends and add a whole new level to the best part of poker – the muck factor!’ stated the lead developer in an interview in August during a rare break from coding.  The ability to selectively muck a card at the end of a hand (1 or both cards) greatly heightens the benefits of bluffing and slow playing your buddies.

Imagine playing your friends along for several hours, using chat and offline IM’s to generally harass and heighten the experience.  Of course, like face to face poker, bluffing and haggling your oppontents is an important factor of the game.  Now, consider that you can offer to display some of your cards at the end of the hand, to potentially hide the fact you were bluffing, or were you?  You can quickly see the benefits of playing in an environment like this, and how the game will change from simply clicking on the call button, to actually scheming and planning when to slam your buddies!

Executive management has approved a popular promotion for the launch of the site, specifically a $5 Free bonus to any signup within the beta period.  ‘We expect the beta period to last about 2 weeks while we work out our site and content initiatives.  Additionally, we are working on special promotions to our USA players (who are completely welcome!), and our tournament and satellite game schedule.  We expect to publish those offerings after the beta period has closed’, added a member of the management team during the interview.

Management has authorized 1,000 free beta period play offers initially, and will review the offer for potential expansion based on demand.  ‘Get involved in the forums, start posting, let us know what you think!  We greatly value the feedback and want to make this room your room!’

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