Liposuction may not be an option for patients with a significant excess of thigh skin and descent of thigh and buttock tissues. In these patients, a thigh lift is the preferred contouring procedure. This can be performed to address the inner or the outer thighs and buttocks. During this procedure, sutures are placed to hold […]

Dave Scharf – A Prominent Figure on the judi online Circuit

  Off late there has been an influx of reputed judi online players, belonging to Canada. Gavin Smith, Haralabos Vulgarise, Doug Lee are among some of the prominent Canadian poker players. Dave Scharf is Canada’s foremost authority in poker and has been the driving force of the game, in the country. He has been playing […]

Announces Beta Period and Free 8g88 Offer!

S.A. – incorporated in Panama, with operations out of Costa Rica – (www.riverflop.com) has announced a limited time open-beta availability of its next generation poker software offering all of the standard games – including Texas 8g88, Omaha Hi/Lo – with some unique promotions and software options. ‘We are excited to offer the community yet another […]

Get to be able to know the secure & trusted online playing website

  In making every winning369 gambling bet, there is generally the a sense of excitement together with anxiety in regards to the value of the game that each one gaming player will obtain. Every start out of betting is done, players constantly pin their dreams at order to win over each around of playing games. […]

Merry Christmas… From a Dog Riding a Roomba!

  It’s snowing in some parts of the country. Many readers are likely sitting in front of a fire as they read this, having opened presents, reveled in the joy of their relatives and perhaps drank too much Eggnog. So, what could make Christmas better? How about a Boston Terrier dressed up in a festive […]

Slow playing sanghoki

  How do you get great value from a huge hand? Act like you have a draw at best like rebel1916 did. Needing to get his pocket kings to a sanghoki he made a minimum raise and picked up a couple of callers. He hit his quads on the flop and while a lot of players […]

Looking For Investors rtp online

  Boy Genius and I are ready to hit it big. We’ve been practicing our handicapping, making the appropriate sacrifices to the gods of luck and rebuilding our Pick 6 strategy. That means now is the time, and we need your help. We’re looking for those willing to put a small part of their bankroll […]

It’s a transitional sbo tale

  I always have the strangest dreams in Vegas. It was about 9AM on Friday morning and my wife was screaming my name while pounding the walls. That had to be a dream. It was, most likely, a mental device used to conceal the pounding in my head. I had been asleep for less than […]

That “V” Word Again slothoki

  I was planning a post on “variance” following my big session on Saturday. Things weren’t going as well until a bit of a personal triumph. Then I log on to see Otis roughing up more Empire Poker opponents. Kinda makes my accomplishment a bit minor in comparison… but here goes… You may remember my […]