If you are already a player at InterPoker, then you’ll no doubt have a very exciting month with all of the promos already running on the site.  If you are a new player, there’s never been a better time to sign up!  InterPoker actually has three promotions running at the moment, and the great thing about them is that unlike many promos, these events have nice rewards/structures and are actually attainable for the everyday, recreational player!

Yesterday (August 17th) was the start and end of one of the most unique promos, the $5 Money-back tournament, wherein every player who did not make the cash bubble got their buy-in refunded.  But if you missed that tournament, there is no need to worry, because InterPoker has a great month of poker left for those who want to try their hand at something else.  The site is actually running back to back $12,000 ($24,000 Total) bitcoin roulette Sit-and-Go races from 8/15-8/21, and again from 8/21-8/29.  The way it works is simple; based on your buy-in level, you join either the bronze (< 9.99), silver (10-29.99), or gold (> 29.99) level for the race.  You earn points based on your finish in 10 player, 5 player, and 2 player Sit and Go’s, and the Top 30 Points earners in each bracket win a cash prize!  If you were to conquer the gold level, you could be looking at a sweet payday of $1,250 PLUS all of your profits from the Sit and Gos!

Obviously, some players don’t really care about tournament-based promotions because they are cash game players, and if that sounds like you, InterPoker was thinking of you when they opened their “Magic Hands Honey Pot” Promo.  This event is simple and straightforward, but still rewarding because like any bad-beat jackpot, you can still make money on losing hands!  If you get AA cracked 3 times, you get $50.  If you make a Royal Flush, it’s $50 again.  If you’re dealt a straight flush, you get $25.  All you have to do in any of those events is send in an email with the Hand History # to claim your winnings, and there is a maximum of three total claims per player.  This promotion runs until it has paid out $15,000, so take your shot today!

If you’re already a member of the InterPoker family, we have no doubt that you’ll enjoy all of these promotions, and we actually encourage you stop reading this and hit the tables!  If you’re not signed up at InterPoker yet, it’s a simple process for players outside the US, so get in the game today and take advantage of the great promotions this site is offering.  Good Luck at the Tables!!