Q. How can I make a gift of cash to the UNI Foundation?
A. A gift to the UNI Foundation can be made with a single payment or a pledge payable over several years. If you wish to make a multi-payment pledge, the UNI Foundation can set up a schedule of payment reminders for you.

Checks for gifts of cash should be made out to the UNI Foundation and mailed to the UNI Foundation Accounting Office -1221 23rd Street, University of Northern Iowa – Cedar Falls, Iowa 50614-0239.

Gifts may also be paid by credit card or, for UNI employees, through payroll deduction. Contact the Foundation for additional information.

Q. Can I give on-line?
A. The UNI Foundation provides a safe and secure on-line giving option. A ‘Give Now’ link is provided at the right side of each page on our website. This link will take you to a secure and confidential pledge form. Fill the form out completely, and, if you wish to restrict your gift, indicate the UNI program or activity that you would like to support. Then, click ‘Submit Your Pledge.’ You will receive receipt of your gift by e-mail and in written form from the UNI Foundation Accounting office.

Q. What are other ways of making a gift to the UNI Foundation?
A. A gift may be paid through:

To learn more about these various methods, see “Ways to Give.” UNI Foundation staff would be pleased to discuss the various advantages that each method offers.

Q. Can someone at the UNI Foundation help me arrange a gift that requires some financial planning?
A. Yes. For information about planned gifts such as trusts, annuities, bequests, etc., please contact the UNI Foundation. We will be pleased to work with you and your financial advisor to arrange this type of gift. For more information, contact the UNI Foundation at (319) 273-6078, 1-800-782-9522 or e-mail at UNI.Foundation@uni.edu

Q. Is my gift to the UNI Foundation tax-deductible?
A. Yes, gifts to the UNI Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law. You must claim a gift as an itemized deduction on your tax return. You will receive a printed receipt for your gift.

Q. I have more questions about giving – whom do I contact?
A. Please contact the UNI Foundation – 205 Commons, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa 50614-0282 for more information. Telephone: 319-273-6078, 1-800-782-9522 or e-mail UNI.Foundation@uni.edu