I’ve been to Paradise recently, and I have to say that Paradise is a pretty nice place. Wondering how to find this Paradise? Look no further than the Atlantis Casino Resort in Reno. I decided to drop in the other evening before dinner (mistake) and decided to hang out for a bit up in the Skywalk, between the Pillars of Hercules, where there is a wonderfully elegant Oyster Bar, with displays of oysters and King Crab legs that get that old saliva flowing. If you’ve never been to the Atlantis, GO. If you like tropical garden effects, Poseidon, Atlantis, waterfalls, fish tanks, more waterfalls, tidal pools, and statues of unicorns…go. If you also like thatched hut looks, spectacular landscaping indoors (many artificial, some real…) and the feel of a tropical paradise mixed with the vibrant colors of neon and all the table games, and a poker room, several extremely wonderful restaurants, elegance… I saw the invited guests business center… I drooled through the window… and the comfort level is high. There are Judi Bola nooks with big fat comfortable leather couches surrounded by trees, and neon elevators zooming up a shaft on the outside…where you can just get away for a bit….Noticing that the Atlantis has joined several of the Reno Casinos offering coinless gaming with the EZ Pays on a section of slots across from the Java Coast Espresso & Pastry Bar on the casino floor. I then wandered through what seemed like acres of slot games, past a Sports Book, past a bar that had a waterfall right behind it… under a rock tunnel, past a giant unicorn statue, and when I came out of it much, much later.. I smiled. Seemed like home to me… (but then I am a Pisces!) They also offer loads and loads of special food offerings in those great restaurants. I plan on going to the Atlantis Seafood Steakhouse sometime on a Monday through Thursday to sample the specials going on from 5 PM to 6 PM. They have several deals, including Steak Diane for $16.95 instead of $27. I glanced in and it looked, well, spectacular… like the rest of the place…and that is where I saw the tropical fish tank. Wow!


More on the coinless themes… Mikohn Gaming Corporation just announced that they are launching IGT’s EZ Pay Ticket System at the International Casino Exhibition in London. Their CasinoLink now has the ability to interface to the EZ Pay ticket-in, ticket-out product. That is great, if you have ever used the ticket-in and ticket-out systems, they work so well. No dirty money, no “ashtray” hoppers, no dirty hands, and there’s a tip to cashing them in… if you want to just have one ticket with your total wins on it, you can insert all your tickets, one by one into a bill acceptor, it will total them all, and then you can hit the pay button, and one ticket will appear. I didn’t know that until I had a handful of them, and the casino had authorized the change lady to pay the tickets if it was done this way so she wouldn’t have to scan and add them all up on the floor. It worked amazingly well. For those who want the clanking of coins, they systems are audio enabled, so you hear coins hitting a tray.


Chinese New Year is a great celebration in Reno. It’s the Year of the Ram. If you were born in 1934, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, or 2003… You were born under the sign of the Ram. The Eldorado is having a celebration from February 1st through 6th. They have Chinese Dinner Buffets in the Chefs’ Buffet… with all kinds of specialties, including Peking Duck, gads, you name it… it all sounds great. Only $14.99 for adults and $7.49 for children under 10. There is also traditional entertainment with Liu Qi-Chao, who is a master of Chinese instruments from 4-9 PM. The Silver Legacy is having their Chinese New Year Celebration from February 1st to 12th with special Asian dining from February 1st to 9th at the Sweetwater Cafe and the Victorian Buffet. From the 3rd through the 12th there will be a Chinese Market on the mezzanine level.. And from the 1st through the 9th there will be Mandarin musicians in front of the Victorian Buffet. I’m going to the Lion Dance at Boomtown Reno because I know that those who witness it are supposed to loaded with good luck for the upcoming year.


The Silver Legacy has new winner’s photos on their way to me… so they should be up on the web site by the time this article comes out. I was wondering why the delay, they have a new publicist. So I sent in the request for information, and Mary Paoli, the new publicist, was happy to oblige. I also have the winners up for the Atlantis Casino , and invite all the casinos to start their own gallery.


The Reno Gaming Guide has a new section up… its own Message Board for those who want to post their Reno trip reports, or talk about Reno gaming, or share gaming tips. I invite everybody to drop by and visit and post…. and stick a pin in the guest map. I had a report that someone couldn’t get to the guest map… so if you experience a similar problem, please let me know by e-mail and I will go searching for another one.


I wanted to share a little problem I had with Earthlink’s new Total Access software the other day. The new and final version of their Pop-Up Blocker is available, and the trial version is expiring, so I had to download it to upgrade. I think the blocker is a great and valuable tool, but it took a long time to download, and when it did, it erased my favorites folder entirely, and re-set all the browser cookies. A virgin copy of my Internet Explorer appeared and naturally, I freaked. I got hold of an online chat host from Earthlink who told me the whole folder was gone forever. When I told him (rather tersely) that I wish they had a warning that this might happen, because I would have stuffed my favorites somewhere else for safekeeping… he ended the chat session. So beware… and stow your valuable files elsewhere. I spent a very long time going to many sites and re-marking all the things and tools and places all over again.


It hasn’t been much of a winter for Reno this year. Some rain, snow early on, and the past week has been over 60 degrees, and short-sleeve weather in the day time… much more of this, and I’ll have to dig out the sandals… it figures, stock up on fleece clothing, stuff the tee shirts in storage, and it becomes really nice. Even the grass is turning green.


So if you are thinking of going somewhere, looking for something to do, and want to catch up on your good luck, come to Reno. And if you have any questions, send them to me. I’m always happy to try to answer them.