16 April 2024
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How do you get great value from a huge hand? Act like you have a draw at best like rebel1916 did.

Needing to get his pocket kings to a sanghoki he made a minimum raise and picked up a couple of callers. He hit his quads on the flop and while a lot of players will bet out hard here rebel1916 smartly checked as did his three callers. The turn was a harmless two and he again checked opening up an opportunity for his opponents to make a move. One player did, iceman066, he bet out and everyone else got out of the way leaving rebel1916 and iceman066 to duke it out. Another harmless card on the river and another check from herobola set a beautiful trap, despite having completely missed with nothing but the pair on the board to go along with his J-Q in his hand iceman066 decided that all the checking was a sign of weakness and decided to steal the pot with an all-in bet. Unfortunately for him rebel1916 was holding the absolute nuts and made the easiest call of his life.


There may not have been as many Floptober winners today, but there sure were more stories to tell. Almost everyone that flopped quad queens or higher today managed to get some action, here are a couple of the hands.

At a 10c/25c table damnflushes woke up with pengeluaran china rockets and make it $1 to go, serb123 looked down at K-J and decided to come along for the ride as did rotweiss1 with pocket 3’s. When two aces rained down on the flop guaranteeing damnflushes a nice bonus to go along with his absolute nuts he slyly checked handing the lead over to roweiss1 who walked into the trap and bet out, serb123 got out of the way and damnflushes smooth called. The two combatants went all the way to the river and after the early check from damnflushes it seemed rotweiss just couldn’t believe he was beat, he ended up all-in and was well beaten at the show down by damnflushes quads.

At a 2c/4c table darthknives looks down at pocket queens and raises to 12c, he gets 2 callers with K-J and 8-T respectively. The flop comes down J-Q-Q handing darthknives his quads and the absolute nuts, the other players have a low pair and gutshot straight draw, everyone checks and at this stage darthknives is praying someones hand improves or they decide to make a move. Miraculously jayson10000 (8-T) makes his gutshot draw and now has a nice little queen high straight. When action checks around to him he raises it up another 16c and everyone calls. The river is an ace the trap is well and truly set, darthknives takes the lead and bets out only to be raised by jayson10000, the other player gets out of the way and darthknives moves all-in and is called by jayson10000. I would have loved to have seen jayson10000’s face when darthknives flipped up those quads… I bed that was the last hand he was expecting!

Over at a 25c/50c table play was six handed and four of the players got dealt pocket pairs. The table went 6-6, Q-Q, 8-8, J-6, T-T and A-3 all spades. The snowmen were first to act and called the big blind, J-6 not surprisingly folded but then T-T decided to make a stand and pushed all-in preflop. A-3 got out of the way and Q-Q made the call from the big blind, and the early caller with the snowmen cooled on his hand and laid it down. The flop was the only cards needed, Q-9-Q meant good night for GoirleNLBas and his tens, and CalmerNuR took down a nice pot to go along with his Floptober bonus.

The final hand that caught my attention wasn’t that huge in the money stakes, but it was just a dead set cruel hand. Pocket rockets were in front of intheboro, while realbadhand had a pretty good hand with K-Q all diamonds. Things got real bad on the flop though when intheboro flopped quad aces and realbadhand picked up a diamond flush draw, holding the second highest diamond with the only higher diamond on the board. At that point even with the two aces on the board you have got to be thinking that if you make that flush that you have your guy beat, I mean how many times do you come up against aces? Well for realbadhand this was one of those times, the river delivered his flush, he bet out accordingly and was called down, and had the displeasure of having a great looking diamond flush cracked by quad aces… now thats a cooler.

Here is the winners list for today:

damnflushes $25

darthknives $4

Smettie $10

CalmerNuR $50

MainSuspect $10

huffy1 $25

intheboro $4 Just beware when your at the tables, while you may not expect to run into quads, it just might happen, and if you have a big hand crushed by quads queens or higher, your hand will probably end up here!

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