Q. What is the difference between a restricted and an unrestricted gift?
A. The proceeds of a restricted gift will be used only for the purpose designated by the donor. You can restrict the use of your gift to support an activity or program of interest to you and your family. If you are interested in providing a gift that is restricted to a particular program, we request that you contact the University of Northern Iowa Foundation. Our staff will assist you in formulating language that will insure the maximum usefulness for your gift.

Unrestricted gifts offer the donor the opportunity to assist programs where the need is greatest and may be used in a number of areas within the university as determined by university officials.

Q. How do I direct my gift to a college, department, or program of my choice?
A. Gifts can be designated for one of the Students First campaign components or for other appropriate purposes. Each gift will be used for the purpose designated by the donor, provided that purpose is feasible and appropriate to the university’s mission. Some purposes, such as scholarship endowments and professorships, do require certain minimum funding levels.

Q. Where does my contribution go if I don’t direct it toward a specific fund?
A. Unrestricted gifts given for the UNI Students First Campaign will be designated by the UNI Foundation Board of Trustees for the area of greatest need among the Campaign’s priorities. All other unrestricted contributions to the Foundation are deposited to our Greater University Annual Fund, which supports a variety of University programs.

Q. What is an endowment?
A. An endowment is a permanent fund, established within the University of Northern Iowa Foundation, that provides support for a designated scholarship, academic program or faculty position. Only the interest earned by the endowment fund can be spent; the principal will remain intact for perpetuity. Endowments designated for certain purposes (e.g. scholarship, professorship, chair) require different minimum funding levels to guarantee sufficient income to support that purpose.

Endowments offer donors the opportunity to create lasting legacies that will benefit future UNI students. Foundation staff will be pleased to work with you and representatives of the UNI program of your choice to help you establish an endowed fund in the UNI Foundation. A Memorandum of Understanding ensures that the funds are used in accordance with the donor’s wishes and that the University will comply with those wishes.

Q. Can I make a gift in honor or memory of someone?
A. We are happy to acknowledge gifts made in honor or in memory of individuals and will send a notice of your gift — but not of the amount unless specified by the donor/s — to a family member or friend of the person being honored. (Please send us the name and address.) You will also receive a receipt for your gift.

Q. How do I participate in a matching gift program?
A. Many employers will match the charitable gifts of employees, thereby doubling or tripling the value of their gifts. Some employers even match the gifts of retirees and/or spouses.

To make a matching gift, ask your company’s matching gift officer (usually in the human resources or community relations department) for a matching gift form. Then, send it along with your gift to the UNI Foundation.