UNI Museum to Restore Mastodon Tusk

UNI's Museum has received $306,258 from the Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust for its project to restore a mastodon tusk. The funding will be paid in installments over the next three years as the museum works on the project, which will be used to offer an interactive experience to museum visitors.

"This grant will provide for the scientific study, conservation and interpretation of the American Mastodon tusk that the museum has in its collection," said Jess Cruz, exhibit preparator. "This amazing piece is in need of conservation for us to restore it to its original condition and to make it stable for exhibition so the public can continue to enjoy it."

There are a number of exciting collaborations across campus lined up to work on this project. The museum will be purchasing several pieces of equipment that will allow them to expand the culture lab. There will be a new exhibit for the tusk, including a new case, mount and a touch screen that will allow visitors to explore the study of the tusk through an interactive app. There will also be a larger touch wall installed in the exhibit space with an app that contains more information on other collections objects.

"All of these changes and additions are extremely exciting, not only because they are helping us to preserve and study our collections, but also because it is helping us to establish the museum as a premier research museum in the state of Iowa," said Cruz.

For more information about the restoration process or the exhibit itself, contact Cruz at 319-273-2495 or jessica.cruz@uni.edu, or Nathan Arndt, museum curator, at 319-273-6922 or nathan.arndt@uni.edu.