UNI Panther Call Center

The Panther Call Center hires UNI students who want to develop professional work experience -- and want to connect with our alumni. They report to work each evening knowing their work helps support the campus community.

Panther Callers share exciting news from campus, update contact information, strengthen ties to alumni, parents and friends and encourage support of the University of Northern Iowa.

Caller Spotlight


Caller Spotlight: Mallory


Sophomore, Public Relations major

What did you choose to attend the University of Northern Iowa?
The University of Northern Iowa allows me to feel at home while still being part of a larger community of students, staff and university friends. I was also drawn towards UNI because of the welcoming and friendly campus atmosphere.

What was your most interesting call while working at the UNI Call Center?
One of my most interesting calls was when with a 1949 UNI graduate. This talkative woman took me down memory lane and explained to me how much UNI has changed since she attended. This woman went on to tell me that after her years at UNI she was able to explore the world, teach in Paris and live overseas in Japan. She credited her teaching success to the University of Northern Iowa. After the call ended, I was able to sit for a second and reflect. Chatting with this woman made me realize that I had chosen a college that is memorable and will give me the experience I need to travel the world.