Merry Christmas… From a Dog Riding a Roomba!

  It’s snowing in some parts of the country. Many readers are likely sitting in front of a fire as they read this, having opened presents, reveled in the joy of their relatives and perhaps drank too much Eggnog. So, what could make Christmas better? How about a Boston Terrier dressed up in a festive […]

Slow playing sanghoki

  How do you get great value from a huge hand? Act like you have a draw at best like rebel1916 did. Needing to get his pocket kings to a sanghoki he made a minimum raise and picked up a couple of callers. He hit his quads on the flop and while a lot of players […]

Looking For Investors rtp online

  Boy Genius and I are ready to hit it big. We’ve been practicing our handicapping, making the appropriate sacrifices to the gods of luck and rebuilding our Pick 6 strategy. That means now is the time, and we need your help. We’re looking for those willing to put a small part of their bankroll […]

It’s a transitional sbo tale

  I always have the strangest dreams in Vegas. It was about 9AM on Friday morning and my wife was screaming my name while pounding the walls. That had to be a dream. It was, most likely, a mental device used to conceal the pounding in my head. I had been asleep for less than […]

That “V” Word Again slothoki

  I was planning a post on “variance” following my big session on Saturday. Things weren’t going as well until a bit of a personal triumph. Then I log on to see Otis roughing up more Empire Poker opponents. Kinda makes my accomplishment a bit minor in comparison… but here goes… You may remember my […]